Perfect Choices for the best Gifts in Advance

It is sometimes difficult to know what would please a teenager, even if you think you know him well. Here are our tips for choosing the perfect Christmas gift for a teenager.

While you have no trouble choosing some Christmas presents, you navigate in troubled waters for others. This is often the case when one has to make a Christmas present to a teenager, between 11 and 18 years old. Another generation, other desires, here is a little practical guide to be sure to bet on the good gift! With the Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard  now you can expect the best usage and that also within time.

Respect his choices

Teens’ tastes can sometimes seem strange. A way to dress, an unusual passion, musical tastes that exceed you, you are not necessarily in phase and it is normal!

Find a happy medium between what you like and want to buy and the desires of the teenager to whom you want to offer a present. The gift card is one of Teens’ favorite Christmas gifts and is a safe option for Santa Claus. Opt for a gift card of the amount of your choice in a great sign acclaimed by teens, such as Fnac, Sephora, iTunes, Zara, etc.

For example, you can offer credit in a store that sells cultural property, for example, but let the teenager choose what will make him happy.

Ask for advice from retailers

Major retailers such as those named above are well aware of teen trends. Do not hesitate to ask for advice before determining your choice and know the terms of exchange, if necessary.

During your shopping, nothing also prevents you from seeking advice from a teenager who would be in the same department. He will most certainly be pleased to give you an opinion or objective advice on your choice.

Privilege experiences

You want to offer a unique and unusual Christmas gift to a teenager ? Opt for a gift “experience”. Teens love thrills and often try to make every experience a memorable one. Places of concert, show, baptism of diving, parachute jump (for the most intrepid), you can find some experiences in the form of a gift box !

There are many things to keep in mind as you pack your bags for a year abroad

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Perfect Choices for the best Gifts in Advance

One of them is a gift for the host family. Although not mandatory, most Au Pairs decide to bring a gift to their guests.We know that it is not easy to find a gift idea. Something associated with your home country is always well received. Nevertheless, here are some things you should consider when choosing the perfect gift:

  • Make sure it is not too big or heavy to fit in your luggage.
  • Do not buy something you can get in your host country.
  • Buy something resistant. The gift will travel thousands of miles and it could break.
  • Buy something with a personal touch rather than something luxurious.
  • Check the legal regulations in the host country to make sure that you can pass the border control without any problem.
  • Choose gifts that represent your country. In this way, you can introduce your family to your culture.

Gift for foster parents

Foster parents might not expect a gift from Au Pair but they will be very happy to get one. It’s a challenge to find something that matches their personality.